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ZETABOX is a Tunisian company specialized in the field of software engineering. Our mission is to design and implement solutions tailored to the needs of customers and partners, operating in Tunisia and internationally, and outsourcing of software projects by providing a dedicated team or extending existing teams with qualified resources


About Us

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ZETABOX Software Engineering

Rely On Us & Let Your Business Thrive

ZETABOX is a strong player with its efficient IT solutions. We deliver a wide range of solutions, from embedded applications dedicated for Telecommunication, Digital TV and industrial Internet of Things (IoT), to banking and insurance software. Our solutions are integrated in world-class products which have been certified and widely deployed.

Our cost effective B2B service model is based on extreme efficiency, high quality and flexibility.

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Software Product Development

Being in partnership with ZETABOX makes you benefit from our unique software product development process, our a team of experts that will take care of all stages of software product development including requirements analysis, team management, software architecture, implementation, testing, documentation, training and maintenance.

Dedicated development team

You can select a full team of engineers and benefit from the expertise of our qualified resources. ZETABOX will guide you to choose the team members according to the needs of the project from the existing resources or start a hiring campaign to get exactly what you need. Once the final structure and work plan were defined, you could immediately assign your tasks to the team.

Extended development team

Extend your in-house team in any location in the world and integrate our top resources. Keep your project management and remotely share the tasks, this offers your extreme flexibility and insures a quick and easy scalability for your projects. Get the maximum output and added value from our resources, focus on delivering your product on time and we take care of the administrative challenges.

Our Expertise

Desktop applications

You need to develop your desktop application from scratch, or modernize an existing application and move it to the next level, ZETABOX is your best partner to develop rich applications using C# with .NET framework. Get in touch with our sales representatives and discover our desktop solutions and used technologies

Web applications

ZETABOX web application development team can immediately help you meet your goals thanks to their expertise in full stack web development with multiple technologies like Angular, React, NodeJs and SpringBoot. We will help you to choose the best technology for your project and deliver reliable solutions

Embedded software

Embedded software development is the core strength of ZETABOX. Combination of the rich technical expertise, years of experience, and deep understanding of embedded software programming. We provided solutions for multiple applications from energy management equipment to Digital TV and network devices

Mobile applications

Cross-platform mobile app development is in the eye of everyone nowadays, and ZETABOX has the knowledge for creating and maintaining reliable hybrid applications using React Native

IoT solutions

ZETABOX team members are experienced in all of the environments, components, and tools needed to build high-quality IoT solutions for multiple industries

Agile Project Management

ZETABOX team members are trained to manage and follow the scrum methodology. We are a team of certified scrum masters, product owners and scrum developers